Act Like You've Been There

by yale, massachusetts

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We recorded this back in 2011. Download it and stuff!


released November 12, 2011

guitar/vocals: roger
drums/vocals: ben
guitar: pj
bass: jeremy

produced, engineered & mixed by j. mendicino at esthudio in brighton, ma
mastered by roger seibel at SAE mastering



all rights reserved


yale, massachusetts Boston, Massachusetts

New EP "Pizzeria Regina George" available now via Antique Records and everydayisamixtape.

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Track Name: Danger City, Population: Me
if you don't dance
your friends can't dance
if you can't dance
your friends don't

and they are no friend of mine

if you don't swim
your friends can't swim
if you can't swim
your friends don't

and they are no friend of mine
and they can sing along

ba ba ba ba

and we'll all sleep
so much better
when we realize
we can just lie to each other

and we'll all sleep
and we'll all sing

ba ba ba ba
Track Name: Doo Wop
well lately i've noticed a problem
where i just can't take compliments
it's not that i don't think i'm good enough
it's just

at a very early age
i convinced myself

and i've found that it just gets easier
when i just assume i'm going to fail
at least then i won't let myself down again
like i always do

because at a very early age
i convinced myself
that it'd be easier
to just assume i'll fail
Track Name: Mewtwo
i'm falling apart
so don't hold me responsible tomorrow
for things i say and things i do
maybe i should
lose my mind all the time
that way i'll always have

more excuses than regrets or explanations
the answers always easier
when everyone already knows the question
so ask away ask away
just ask me

i'll always
be there when i've got nothing left to do
we care
because we don't really have to

and that's just how it goes
Track Name: Fool Me Twice
It's through before it even started.
Done, but not dearly departed.
You, you wanna go through this again.
Well, be my guest.

But not with
doo doo doo
but not with me.

You say things will be different this time.
Great, but you consistently lie.
You, you fool me once well shame on you,
won't fool me twice.

You won't fool me
doo doo doo
won't fool me twice
Track Name: Keep it Shitty
you really made a stand
you showed that building who's the boss
with a spray can

and when they clean it,
i'm sure they'll all laugh
and wonder where you park your beamer
when you go to class

and you can't take back
what was never yours
it doesn't work that way

there's no one here
asking you to stay

and if it sucks so bad
why are you still here?
there are so many places
where you can get cheaper beer

it's not my problem
because in the end
sometimes you don't need a new city
you need new friends

and you can't take back
what was never yours
it doesn't matter anyway

there's no one here
asking you to stay
so if you don't like it
you can just leave